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Smart Fulfillment Orders for Sellers on Flipkart and Myntra


Fulfillment of order is a bigger task than it seems. As it has been seen that operating in the eCommerce market is faster and profitable. But there are few struggles the brand faces due to order fulfillment. As an offline method, brands disseminate their products directly to the customers through hand-to-hand methods. But in the process of an online method, this creates a lot of issues in between before delivering that product. In the eCommerce marketplace, it is not direct between the customer and the retailer. An online platform will first offer your products on their website to you customer, then the order placed would be sent to the retailers. So, an e-retailer has to be ready with the inventory and fast method to deliver the best service possible. 

When a customer places an order, he\she does not look upon the delivery servicer but the platform they bought the product from and the brand the product belongs to. In such criteria, a brand must ensure a fast, automated and accurate fulfillment method that takes the stress from their shoulder. As almost every online brand or seller faces difficulties to fulfill such orders on an immediate and accurate basis. This is why such actions need to be punctual. Having said that, it is also important to put such aspects in checklists to ensure no mistakes. Including this, there are many dilemmas regarding order fulfillment that leads to few common challenges an online retailer faces. 

Common Struggles of Online Brands: 
  • Operational Challenges

One of the often faced challenges is in the operational segment. Online retailers who receive bulk orders from Flipkart, Myntra, Meesho, etc do perform all the stages of processing with the best speed and efficiency they can, still the outcome is not that powerful. In this regard, many times brands have wrong invoice creation, no addition of product number, wrong color\size\material, and so on. That is why a brand eventually ends up disappointing their customers. Hence, it is a major need to be fast and fine while processing the orders for better fulfillment results through an automated solution. There are few amazon intelligence support systems for order processing that operate the whole mechanism in just a few seconds and provide a clean and quick service of order processing. 

  • Stock Availability Challenges

Sometimes, receiving numerous orders and facing stock unavailability is a big deal. If there would not be enough inventory then the whole task would go on hold. Generally, such situations take place because the retailer has not taken care of inventory availability, or the inventory must be lesser in quantity than the order received. In such cases, order fulfillment gets a direct impact as some of the order gets delayed delivery. For such conditions, a manual team can not speculate where the demand may rise and how inventory can be a factor of consideration. Here comes the work of a software system to make sure no order gets delayed or cancelled. There are cloud-based reports on demands and speculation that need to be fulfilled for better order fulfillment results. For better knowledge, these reports are prepared through market analytics and customer behavior, and also through products’ SERP ranking.

  • Resource Wastage

Again, a major drawback online sellers come across is wastage of resources. Let it be finance or time or efforts, no resource can be wasted for fulfilling the orders as each order costs a lot of all these components. Such a wastage hampers the profitability of the seller in the long-term. Hence, to take measures against such wastage is significant. Traditional order fulfillment is not bad but  leads to compromised fulfillment. As it consumes more time, effort and money, it comes out to be a slow processing tool. But there is a modern replacement a seller may adopt is eCommerce Software support that eases the invoice creation, entering order details, adding batch number, packages, shipment, and more in no time. This is an advanced tool that guarantees a fruitful order processing im the least investment and enhances retailers’ productivity.

  • Customer Sentiments After-Effects

Studies show that 96% of customers judge the seller by their order fulfillment method. If a low standard order fulfillment is performed, eventually it will unimpress to make a purchase with the same brand or seller next time. This is the crucial segment that comes out as an after-effect on sellers. Because the customer who may have promised a delivery date of a week but got their product delivered in 15 days will have a sour purchase experience. Or, a customer who may have ordered a Rs. 75000 Smartphone, ends up unpacking an L-size T-shirt as a matter of seriousness. These are the cases when a seller may lose their customers forever. Therefore, to avoid this horrifying order fulfillment does not take place by you, a smart fulfillment system should be established. 


Smart Fulfillment Solution Advantages 
  • Enhance Sales Opportunities

eCommerce platforms are the best place to operate as it generates a huge marketing scope. There are few sellers who have a command on online business management and reached heights of success through only online marketplaces. But how do they manage to do so? Actually, these areas need quicker and errorless marketing tools that enhance productivity and encourage better opportunities. Through a software order processing method, a seller can fulfill bulk orders with no mistakes and on promising time simultaneously. As just exposure of products is not sufficient, it is also important to grab the attention of customers and be able to manage the same. If technical tools are used by online sellers, large scale selling operations can be managed and encourage more customer engagement as well. 

  • Dismiss Working Capital Wastage

Technical support of order fulfillment has shown a better result than the manual method. Almost 92% of online retailers focus on enhancing their productivity through instant and accurate order processing features.  These features not only encourage better selling opportunities in the eCommerce marketplace but also reduce working capital expenses. For this advantage, it is best to go for an automated solution to full bulk orders of online costumes and enjoy better efficiency of internal finance. Including this, it is also preferable to choose a computerized assistance as they strengthen the marketing process providing flexibility to focus on making creative marketing strategies and gap fulfillment. 

  • No Delays or Errors

As an online seller, it is expected to be fast and accurate by your customers. If any seller who is unable to maintain this expectation may find many thrones in their way of selling goods. Such issues need to be addressed on a real-time basis with every single product you create an invoice of or do its packing or send it for delivery. If the order details are incorrect or the packing is not levelled properly or delivered to the wrong address, there is a delay or error in the whole process. These mechanisms of each stage need to be carefully satisfied. Any such thing is a straight no from the customer’s point of view and  harms the seller. That is why you must start relying on a fast, trustworthy and errorless method of order processing to satisfy  not just the customers but your end month profitability result also. 

  • Time Saving and Effortless Fulfillment

This is a huge advantage many online retailers are craving for is to save their time, effort and money as well. If they can implement this, they may reach their sales goals.  This is the way a seller may concentrate on other flaws also to make their selling experience and outcome better than before. As every businessman loves to make their marketing effective and efficient, this support is the best solution for all their order processing difficulties. 



eCommerce marketplace is the best space for profit earning, large-scale operation and immediate feedback. This is the reason why a seller switches from offline-mode of marketing to online platforms. But there are few drawbacks which we discussed above to make sellers understand the real pain behind all the advantages of eCommerce. But as every problem has a solution, therefore, software like flexSmart or many more takes away all your pain and provides you with the best order processing solution to enjoy. The software is a cloud-based method that offers a number of tools to perform different segments of order fulfillment in very less time. As there is no external involvement, the data entered are direct and correct. 

Hence, if the next time you search for a better eCommerce order processing solution on Amazon or Flipkart or anywhere, do have an implementation of a smart fulfillment solution with you.

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